How we started

The Donna Marie brand was inspired by a love of art, encouragement of friends, and as an expression of my Mom and I working together. I have always been creative with painting and clothing design; however, my full-time job for the past several years was being a Mom to my son. When he left for college, I felt like it was time to explore my artistic side and to be candid, fill the emptiness that moved in when he moved out.
Hence, the beginning of an idea arose with a weekend girl trip with longtime friends. We had a wine tour planned during the summer, and I thought it would be fun to make us snazzy hats for our tour and other sun filled activities. My friends loved them and so did many others that saw them - and so it began…
Donna Marie hats are embellished by myself and my very talented Mother who helps me make each individual hat. Together, we work as a team to design and create each petal and hatband. We have found such joy working together, and being able to express our creativity through these hats is such a big blessing to me.
I hope that you find a hat (or maybe a set of hats!) for you and your friends to express yourselves in together. I look forward to hearing from you!